Monday, September 10, 2007

Your comments :P

Hellos my readers
((Wa7da Mit7amisa :P))
the thing is:
my knowledge in computers is sooooo "Limited"
that maybe the only thing I do is log in & out
so as a result of my "ignorance"
I assumed that my posts could be commented on!!!
but thanks to Milyani
I noticed the problem
o 7oooooooost
o dort alsaba3 doorat
at last
it works
glllllooooooooooooooosh :P
so help ur selfs my guests


MiLyAni said...



كده تمام خلينا نكتب

بس شوفي كمان بتفلسفي زيادة شويا

لو ممكن تخلي التعليق في نفس الصفحة يكون احلا :)

Welcome on Board :)

farou7a said...

thanks alot :)

bas the big question is
How can i do that??
3arfa enne 7a a7oos

but i'll keep on trying untill i get it :P

merci 3al commenet :)